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Auto hire in Ukraine – Low cost car rental with Naniko

After the split of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became noticeably increasing in the rate of tourism, together with the growth of the infrastructure of the new style and the changes due to the new way of life. From many countries in Europe today there are direct flights to the several of Ukrainian cities, which further contributes to the large influx of tourists.

The convenient location makes the country an ideal place for tourism to many destinations via car rental in Ukraine. And, above all, it is a splendid tool for travel and explore the area and to start the journey.

For your convenience and maximum savings we offer auto renting in Ukraine by Naniko

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  • You are always free to edit or remove your order without penalty 48 hours before to the withdrawal of the vehicle.
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  • We clearly inform our customers that in providing tariffs already included the cost of insurance and taxes and no hidden costs should not be feared.

Your carefree holiday starts here on, with vehicle rental in Ukraine at a low price!

For a better learning of the country is not bad to have some information beforehand. The country’s capital is Kiev, with a populace of about 3 million inhabitants and the air transportation of the capital is served by two airports.

Kiev is an incomparable place of tourist interest, where you can visit the Cathedral of St. Sophia, dating from the 11th century, the Chernobyl Museum, containing exhibits of terrible tragedy, the Museum of Folk Architecture and much more. Core of the town offers a variety of shops and characteristic stalls where you can make purchases and buy souvenirs.

Another amongst of important cities in the country is Odessa, which also has its own airport. This port city has always had and has today a great significance in the economy of the country as well as in terms of tourism all year round. You can also visit interesting monuments and museums and enjoy the beaches of the Black Sea and resorts in the area.

Other international airports can be found in Lvov, a city rich historical center of which was added to the World Heritage List. In addition to the magnificent buildings of the old town, it is worth visiting the Annunciation Cathedral and the Market Square.

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