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Car hire in Budapest. Rent a car at low prices with Naniko

The metropolis of Hungary, Budapest is divided into two parts by the flow of the famous Danube River, on the eastern shore is a flat Pest, and the opposite side occupied by a hilly Buda. It’s a great town with medieval buildings, tight streets, bright houses, ancient baths and museums. But of course exists also a modern Budapest, enchants visitors with its elegant shops, restaurants and luxury hotels. City named as a Queen of the Danube!

Discover the fascinating places and stunning scenery – the desire of every tourist. But it is especially nice when it’s all available with the comfort and by reasonable price. This option is a car rental in Budapest, the best economy of your finances.

Here are why the advantages of auto hire in Budapest from Naniko most beneficial for you!

  • Simple and easy reservation system with just a few steps
  • Numerous offices everywhere offer the possibility of receiving a car in one spot and refund in another, as the most convenient according to your route.
  • Vehicles of last modifications equipped by everything you need for comfort and always in optimal condition.
  • Impeccable service that meets your needs, offers of the professional driver.
  • Competitive prices already included auto insurance and taxes.

International company Naniko always in complete readiness to provide efficient service of vehicle renting in Budapest!

Pearl of the Danube – Budapest, placed in the heart of Central Europe experienced a glorious past, which had everything: sufferings of war, anguish by the Nazis, and the period of existence under the auspices of communism. But despite the partially healed wounds, Budapest is gradually regaining its former glory and becoming more and more attractive tourist destination.

The city is famous for its thermal waters, architectural beauty and numerous museums.

Town is divided into two separate parts by the river, respectively called Buda and Pest, the first of which includes residential district while Pest is a commercial part where by the car rented in Budapest, you can find most of the attractions. You can watch as the crowds lined up in long queues to visit the remarkable fortress Pest.

No doubt, there are many opportunities to plunge into the characteristic atmosphere of many museums, galleries, historical monuments and fantastic medieval streets. It also offers the great views of Budapest and the Danube.

You cannot miss the chance to visit two splendid buildings as the Royal Palace and the Magyar Allami Opera, characterized by a complex and beautiful interiors and impressive exterior luxury and grandeur.

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