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Croatia is placed in the southern part of Europe and has access to the Adriatic Sea. Land and landscape of the country is very diverse, because here are three geographical areas, including the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the mount range of Dinaric Alps and the central part is covered by the Pannonian lowland, crossed by only a few hills. The territory of Croatia also includes many islands and islets, and only some of them are inhabited. Accordingly with the geographical areas changing also the climate.

Those who wish to discover the magnificence of this country in a convenient and comfortable manner, know that the most effective way is to rent a car in Croatia, with which it is easy fully enjoy the historical and cultural heritage, natural beauties or taste the unique dishes of each region of the country. Croatia has to offer visitors a beautiful historic towns, cultural sites included in the World Heritage List, beautiful parks and nature reserves and many kilometers of coastline.
If your intention is to implement all of this, it is natural to arrange for yourself car rental in Croatia, contacting the team of Naniko that can provide you with the best and most affordable deals.

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Using all our years of experience in the international car rent market, also the wishes and needs of our numerous customers, we every day improve our service packages and strive to diversify the range of options offered. To ensure high quality of service from our company, just look for feedback from our customers around the world.

We are well aware that the most important components of a successful trip is the quality and reliability of service, so your journey in our modern vehicles with all necessary amenities, is sure to take place at the highest level; about this is constantly taking care our skilled staff. In case of unforeseen complications on the road, you get immediate help from our technical team.

Our offices are spread all over the world and for you will be available variety of packages, including international routes, or one-way rental, in which you will not need to return to the starting point of the trip.

Take your ride in complete tranquility and comfort of using a car rent in Croatia from Naniko!

Among the many great places to visit should be noted the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which includes 16 lakes connected by waterfalls. The park has several caves, dense forests, the flowering fields of indescribable beauty and water sources, is easily accessible by car rental.

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