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Car hire in Italy. Renting an auto from Naniko

Italy is a nation with an abundance of history and culture, where each region has its own features and diversity of landscapes. There are plenty of evidence of past civilizations gathered today in the museum’s collections and archaeological sites of inestimable value. Visiting this beautiful country, you can easily find the greatest artistic and cultural heritage and the highest quantity of monuments included in the World Heritage List.

There is nothing better than to enjoy all the charm of a country with freedom of your own car rented in Italy, take a ride on hundreds of beautiful fishing villages and enjoy the purity of the crystal clear sea. Only need to choose a direction and go!

Auto hire in Italy is easy and cheap with Naniko – the specialist of online reservations at the best rates!

  • Our reservation center is available seven days a week and our polite operators always ready to provide the necessary information.
  • To start working with us is enough to fill out an application form with detailed data of your request and to provide copies of your documents.
  • On arrival you will receive the ordered car in the place where is most profitable for you.
  • Warranty of save the initially provided rates with included tax and insurance rates.
  • There are no penalties in amending the order or complete cancelation before of two days.
  • Operational roadside assistance is available 24 hours and free of charge!
  • Method of payment is according to your preference, whether by transfer, cash or credit card.

Available of mileage without a limit granted by Naniko at a vehicle hired in Italy? the best bonus for unforgettable voyage!

Located in the southern part of Europe, Italy is a demi-island with an extremely diverse territory. From the North edged by Alps, the country is divided in two by Apennines, washed by Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic Seas, and has the island in the Mediterranean Sea, the majors of which are Sicily and Sardinia. The highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, is located here and counts more than 4,000 meters of elevation.

The fact of presence of the seas contributes to the creation of a special climate with dominating the temperate Mediterranean kind. A variety of Italian landscapes characterized by the presence of wild nature, with stunning views of mountains, hills and romantic lagoons.

For centuries, Italy has played a leading role in the world and is the cradle of civilization in the two most important periods of history, the Roman Empire and the Renaissance.

With car rented in Italy, you can reach the main Italian cities, from its majestic capital city of Rome, known as the eternal city, Florence, capital of Tuscany and the Renaissance homeland, with masterpieces of art, colored marble churches and rich historical buildings and other picturesque cities, such as Siena, Pisa and Lucca.

Whether it’s Naples, the largest and most beautiful city of the Mediterranean or Venice – the most romantic city in the world, you do not get tired to admire all that what offers this unique country.

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