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Auto for rent at the airport of Astana. Rent a car with Naniko

Astana gained great popularity as a tourism destination peculiarly in latest period, since there began active transformation and to create the architectural complexes of modern style. The original design of the famous international design masters can be seen in this city. The nearby presence of the airport with a highly developed system promotes growth of tourist flow.

Of course, for most travelers desired to have in trip a convenient means of travel and not be dependent on the schedule of public transport, which can be easily organized with the help of car renting from the airport of Astana. And since this is a highly demanded service is always better to book in advance via the website Saving you time and effort, you will find everything here. what you need.

Discover a lot of profitable opportunities of auto renting at the Astana airport on Naniko!

  • Our online booking system is readily to use and gives you online access to a huge selection of vehicles in a matter of seconds.
  • Rental price always includes auto insurance, all taxes, roadside assistance and unlimited mileage.
  • Receiving of car can be ordered at the airport initially, or in another convenient place, and return also at the address indicated by you.
  • Once the reservation is done, you will receive by email a voucher which contains specific information about your order.
  • Do not miss the sight of the presence all the necessary documents, when getting the car, that include passports and driver’s license.
  • Unlimited mileage is always a great advantage of working with us, because it provides the availability of more interesting routes.
  • We also offer an indispensable and convenient service for professional drivers, with a great command of foreign language and acquaintance of interesting routes.
  • If you have the desire to go to a neighboring country, on our cars is very simple to do it, received in advance from the company the necessary permission.

Your guarantee of a pleasant journey provided by the excellent prices of Naniko for vehicle hired at the airport of Astana!

Astana International Airport is the principle one of the country and disposed approximately 15 kilometers from the capital. Hence there are the numerous flights on domestic and international destinations.

There are transport links to the city by bus lines, but the most used one is the taxi service. Alternatively, as mentioned above, the most economical is a vehicle lease from Astana airport.

The airport terminal has the well-developed system of services for passengers, according to the international standards. Here, while waiting for your flight, travelers can rest in nice bars and cafes, or have a delicious dinner in the restaurant.

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