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Car hire from the airport in Batumi. Rent a car by Naniko

Over the last decade Batumi has become the most popular seaside resort and tourism destination in the Caucasus. Active and rapid development of infrastructure, balmy tropical climate and rich night life are a few reasons for its increased popularity. Everyone can find here a way to rest on own taste. From exploring of historical monuments and to have fun at the beach club, all provided for guests.

And not only the town itself but also its surroundings are full of charming places that tourists like to visit, arranged in advance for the convenience of car rental from the airport of Batumi. It is the preferred means of journey, contributing to the full freedom to enjoy your holiday.

Make your trip easier via car rental at Batumi airport, through the web page of!

  • No hidden costs you will not find here, everything is transparent and clearly stated originally.
  • Our minimum prices already include insurance and taxes.
  • We will offer you vehicles from leading manufacturers in optimum conditions.
  • Change any of the details of your order, for example, the type of vehicle, the date of the lease, add accessories or cancel a reservation for quick and easy you can on-line or by contacting our operators.
  • If unforeseen problems appear by road you will always get help of our technical team.
  • We always provide our customers with unlimited mileage, which is for lovers of long-distance travel a wonderful surprise!

Travel in comfort on the Black Sea coast by auto hired from the airport of Batumi from an international company Naniko!

Batumi airport is the structure of very modern design with optimum technical performance and the terminal is equipped with a range of high-end services.

Desk of information is disposed in the center of the terminal, is available 24 hours a day and provides all the information on flights and any necessary details you can get here, both directly and by phone.

In the terminal there are souvenirs shops in the departure lounge where passengers can purchase a variety of traditional Georgian souvenirs and gifts.

In case if you forget your luggage, you can always apply to the luggage compartment in the arrival hall. Here you will be provided by service to find lost luggage.

In addition, a variety of services determines your comfortable stay at the airport, and brightens up the waiting time of your flight.

In the Batumi you can spend unforgettable days, with entertainments on the beach parties in the community of locals and tourists of different nationalities.

Just make sure that along with everything you need for your trip, you ensure yourself by a convenient and economical means of transport as it is a rent a car in Batumi airport.

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