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Rent a car at the airport Domodedovo. Car Rental with Naniko

Moscow is a giant city, and actually it would be difficult to list all the places that everyone would like to visit being here. This metropolis with irrepressible daily rate and a lively nightlife, most of which is concentrated in the historic center, on the Arbat street. It is a pedestrian avenue and having a stroll here open a great views of the beautiful old buildings. In Moscow, even the subway is a kind of underground museum, where many stations are decorated with stucco and chandeliers.

The issue of availability of many places can be easily solved by car renting at the airport Domodedovo. And for this is recommended to visit the web-page of, to save time and efforts, and immediately get the best deals.

Just fill out the request form on and get your preferred auto hire in Moscow airport!

  • We collaborate with the best automakers and accordingly our fleet is completed with the vehicles of best technical data.
  • In our prices you will not find any hidden costs, and the cost of auto insurance and taxes are already included.
  • The range of vehicles includes compact and economical cars, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans and even microbuses.
  • For more safety and comfort are also available devices such as luggage baskets, holders for skis, child seat, navigator and more.
  • Once make an order you can modify or cancel it at any time, two days before the commencement of the lease.
  • We also provide the service of professional drivers that will make much easier for you to drive through the road network of the big city.
  • For any questions you can always contact our skilled operators, who will try to promptly provide you with the necessary information.

Enjoy your trip by vehicle rented from Domodedovo Airport with unlimited mileage by Naniko!

Domodedovo Airport, named after the place where it is located 35 km from Moscow, for many years was the most important airport of the capital. Initially it was used mainly for domestic traffic, and then also for international flights. Today, traffic gained more than 25 million passengers a year. Of course, to deal with trafficking, it was built new terminals.
To reach the Domodedovo is possible by bus, train, taxi or car rental.

There is also a mini-bus service providing to the metro station Domodedovskaya which parts every 40 minutes. Very comfortable to use high-speed train or commuter train, although in this case the path will take time, a little more than an hour.

Airport terminals are equipped in accordance with international standards and provide a range of services to passengers for maximum comfort.

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