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Car rental at the airport of Kutaisi. Auto hire at reasonable prices from Naniko

Kutaisi is amongst the most beautiful and oldest cities not only in Georgia, but also among the most ancient cities in Europe, with more than 3,500 years of its history.

Being the second largest city of Georgia in terms of population, Kutaisi is placed to the north of the Caucasus range, on the Rioni River and throughout its history in different periods was occupied by Mongols, Turks, and Russian. City as well as the entire region is rich in products such as coal, silk, textiles, wine and fruit, and in variety of industry sectors.

Your trip will give you more satisfaction, if you will have in disposition car hired from the airport of Kutaisi, you will not have to depend on public transport and can be move in Kutaisi and the surrounding area in complete freedom. Upon arrival, you will need to make only a single force – load your luggage on the car and move freely on your way!

Start your journey with a reasonable solution of rent a car at the Kutaisi airport provided by Naniko!

  • We suggest the different kind of vehicles – economy class, business, sport utility vehicles, SUVs, vans and microbuses.
  • Cars always meet high technical standards and be sure meet the necessary for you criteria.
  • For added convenience, many of our customers prefer cars with automatic transmission, but if you prefer to mechanics, we will offer you also this.
  • The range of accessories such as luggage baskets, navigators, ski racks, child seats and more, you can order on the spot.
  • There is available service of a professional driver with knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Our rates include unlimited mileage, insurance contra damage and theft of a vehicle, third party liability, VAT and assistance for road failures.

Company Naniko offers a comfortable journey in a vehicle hired from the airport of Kutaisi at reasonable prices and with quality of service!

In recent years, due to the fact that the affluence of tourists has increased considerably in Georgia, Kutaisi, as one of the most exciting cities in the country has become the most popular destination of international tourists.

It was in this light, carried out construction of a new international airport of Kutaisi, that allowed more rapid increase of traffic in the region.

Let’s start with the fact that Kutaisi has long represented as significant cultural center of Georgia, and today also has become the new headquarters of the Georgian Parliament, which resulted in a quick development of infrastructure and many other areas of activity.

The terminal of the new airport took more than four thousand square meters and is a kind of masterpiece of modern architecture.

In the halls of the terminal provided a range of services to maximize the convenience of passengers.

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