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Car hire at the airport in Ljubljana. Best Rent a car by Naniko

Some places are very important for its strategic location and to those concerns Ljubljana, with its the airport from where you can go in different directions and serves as a link on a variety of routes.

Slovenia itself and its capital offer inexhaustible attractions. Ljubljana with its famous castle, Centromerkur and unique masterpieces of ancient architecture piques the interest of most visitors. There are several bridges and streets offer a unique spectacle.

With an auto rental from the airport of Ljubljana you get freedom of movement on any preferred route for you, you can plan your trip with no time limits or haste.

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  • Get detailed information on all our services in the online mode, select the desired car with the attendant details and book it.
  • An extensive selection of vehicles provided from cheap economy cars through to luxury car models.
  • You are provided with the price that already includes car insurance and taxes.
  • Changes to your order can be carried out for free, for example, the length of the lease or the model of car.
  • When receiving the car, lessee must present a valid driver’s license, at least, with a validity time of one year and preferably of international standard, especially if issued on other than the Latin alphabet.
  • Our fleet is completed with a different capacity, power, models and classes of vehicles.
  • Delivery of the car, we can carry out at any point you need or at the airport, for which is also necessary to specify the details of your flight, so that we can be cognizant of in case of delay.
  • For you it is also available as a very useful service of qualified drivers from the company.

Book now the best vehicle renting from the airport of Ljubljana provided on favorable terms by Naniko!

Ljubljana Airport is named after the hero of Slovenia Puchnika Jose, the leader of the democratic opposition.

It is located 26 km Ljubljana and associated with it by bus lines, although it is also planned to build a rail link. Along the A2 motorway is a quick access to the city by car rented from Ljubljana Airport.

Here operates the new terminal is equipped with modern technology, with trade outlets, numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. There are VIP services and a large conference room. Near the airport plans to build a large business center with a vast range of services. In the terminal is also available the public computers with internet access and information desks where passengers readily get the necessary information.

Among other services, you can find a game room for children, as well as massage salons.