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Car rental at the airport of Sheremetyevo. Information about rent a car by Naniko

Moscow was founded in the 12th centenary and over the centuries has been and remains an important center of Russia and plays an important role as a contact point of the East and the West. Nowadays, it is a modern metropolis, displays extraordinary beauty and symbolism of Russia. A visit of the famous Red Square and the Kremlin, is a mandatory item in the list of any visitor of capital. There are many interesting museums that tell about the past of the nation such as Pushkin Museum, keeping the greatest masterpieces of European painting, or Bulgakovs museum, where the famous author created most of his masterwork The Master and Margarita.

If you have an oscillation about how to navigate the immense city, the most efficient and economical means is a car renting from Sheremetyevo Airport, which will give you a freedom of movement reaching any attractions or urban areas.

With auto hired at the airport of Moscow, provided by Naniko, enjoy a better trip!

  • Once you select your desired car and complete a reservation, in the confirmation of your order, you will get a voucher with all the details of the order.
  • If you need to make an amendment to your order, change the dates or the rental or car model, you will always be able to contact our operators who will help in this matter.
  • Our company provides the services of qualified drivers with knowledge of a foreign language.
  • If you have a need to cancel the order, perform the procedure for free two days before receiving the car.
  • Optional accessories as, for example, child seats, Navigators, safety chains or other, you can order both when booking a car, and on-site at our office.
  • Our system of services includes the delivery of machines to required address or to the airport. To do this, you must also specify the details of your flight, that in the case of delay our representative could be informed.

Unlimited mileage and roadside assistance you get from Naniko when vehicle renting at the airport Sheremetyevo!

The second largest airport of capital is Sheremetyevo located near Moscow, just 29 km north-west of the center. There are various transport links between the city and the airport. Aero express delivers passengers to the Belarusian railway station. Also many bus lines are at passengers service. Hence, by the M3 highway one can reach Moscow just in half an hour by car rental.

Terminals dispose large number of shops where travelers can purchase necessities and souvenirs. There is a restaurant and many bars and cafés. Here passenger provided by VIP-halls and business centers.

In Sheremetyevo is available the comfortable hotel. In addition to the listed here are all the standard range of services of international standard, which creates comfort for everyone.

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