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Car renting at Almaty airport. Best Rent a car with Naniko

As the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty is very highly developed and the largest city in the country. As during its tenure as the capital, and to this day, it is still the cultural and financial center of Central Asia. It also was mentioned among the most expensive cities in the world. Arriving here as tourists, you will have many opportunities of discovering the characteristic style of the city. Already at the airport it affects the cordiality and friendliness of the local people.

To have a comprehensive opportunity to visit the sights of this beautiful city, do not miss the sight of the convenience of a car renting from the airport of Almaty.

Welcome to, most convenient and efficient site of auto hire at the airport of Almaty!

  • Just with a few simple steps on our online booking system, you can get access to great deals and much lower rates than from other providers of given service.
  • Our fleet is completed with vehicles by leading international brands and their quality is always in compliance with the best technical standards.
  • You can always get access to our multilingual customer service during the day, which will satisfy all your questions.
  • All our rates are with full insurance, including coverage for collision damage, theft, civil liability, VAT and all taxes.
  • 24-hour assistance on road and unlimited mileage, provides you with the possibility to travel as far as you want to.
  • If special offers you can get a free satellite navigation system – GPS or other favorable discounts.
  • Choice is easy from a broad range of cars, from economy class and to prestigious models. Moreover, there are vehicles with manual or automatic gearbox, gasoline or diesel fuel.

Start your pleasant journey at low rates from Naniko for vehicle rented in Almaty airport!

As a leading airport of the country, Almaty International Airport is disposed about 15 km away from the city.

There are transport links to the town via bus and very popular taxi services, waiting for passengers at the exit from the airport. Advance booking of taxi will be better for avoid overpayment. But of course the most effective means still remains pre-booking of car hire at the airport in Almaty.

In the airport terminal you can use various and many services, also available a special VIP-program.

Almaty can be proud of its modern architecture, spacious streets, parks of recreation and spectacular sceneries, especially colorful in spring and autumn. Wide squares provide visitors with large shopping malls, theaters, museums, exhibition halls and by the variety of entertainment.

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