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Yerevan is the most significant and populous city of Armenia, built on the banks of the river Hrazdan, at the foot of the famous Mount Ararat. This is not only an important industrial center of the country, but also the bustling center of cultural institutions of such level as the State University, the Academy of Science, Museum of History and the Conservatory. Most tourists are very impressive by ruins of the old military forts, one of which dates back to Ancient Rome, other one – of the of the times of ancient kingdom of Urartu.

Since the capital is a desirable place of tourism, car renting in Yerevan is in great request, so it is suggested to book it in advance. To quickly and easily organize this issue, use the booking engine on, which in seconds will give the most favorable service packages.

Just enter your desired criteria of auto for rent in Yerevan, and the company Naniko will take care of suitable result!

  • Selection of vehicles is very rich, classifying technical data, the type of gearbox and fuel, as well as various size and power.
  • Small cars for urban movements freely accommodate four people, although luggage space is not very large, but the question can be solved with the baggage basket.
  • There is also a choice of full-size cars, which are perfect for driving to any distance.
  • If you want large-size cars, we can always offer SUVs, minivans and microbuses.
  • Prices from Naniko available with the included comprehensive insurance and taxes.
  • We also provides a special option of unlimited mileage and roadside assistance with 24 – hour availability.
  • After booking, to you will be sent a voucher that contains specific information about all the details of hire, when and where you will be able to pick up the car, and more.

Convenience and comfort for your travel by auto hired in Yerevan on best terms by Naniko!

Yerevan is a paradise for visitors with its abundance of great places to visit, lots of museums and historical monuments and the remains of ancient temples. Note that one can find an interesting for a multiplicity of tastes and even ages. So the presence of zoo and beautifully manicured botanical garden, offers you the opportunity for a family holiday and relax in contact with the refreshing beauty of these places.

In the town there is a farmers market where all natural products you can taste and buy a variety of spices and special products of the national cuisine.

In Yerevan, there is a memorial dedicated to the tragic events of the genocide, called Metz Yeghern where in the wall of memory are buried those who fought side by side with the Armenians in that tragic moment in history.

From 1991 Yerevan became the capital of the newly independent state of Armenia.

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