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By its nodal location in the heart of the Caucasus, Armenia has always had a very strategical stance at the intersection of Europe and Asia, respectively, has historically played a substantial role. That is the biblical Mount Ararat, where Noah’s ark landed on her during the great flood was on the territory of Armenia. And today, even though it is in the territory of Turkey, its vertex is visible from most places in Armenia and appears as a symbol of the country. Being among the first countries adopted Christianity, Armenia provides visitors with the gaze of incomparable monuments of ancient architecture and beautiful churches and monasteries.

With an impressive tourist potential, thanks to the originality of sceneries and natural areas, Armenia, attracts many tourists. The question of moving around the country you can solve by renting a car in Armenia, booked it in advance on our website.

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Start of travel in Armenia many prefer from its magnificent capital of Yerevan, which is the oldest city and stretches in the plains of Ararat. Walking through its streets, you can see the remains of the castle, erected of about 3000 years ago.

Thanks to the car rented in Armenia, for you will be opened the endless opportunities for the most interesting routes of the country.

So, here one can admire the ancient temples, to appreciate the charm of the Monastery of Khor Virap and rise in Vanadzor, go to Garni, where is a fortress dating back to the third millennium BC.

Echmiadzin Cathedral is the most important one for Armenians contains artifacts such incredible as the hand of St. Gregory, Holy Lance, and the pieces of wood from Ark of Noah. A beauteous nature of Armenia, from the mountain peaks, passing along the rivers and the shores of Lake Sevan has always fascinated many visitors and guests of the country.

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