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Car hire in Astana. The best conditions of the car rental by Naniko

In recent years, Astana has undergone significant changes and have invested great efforts to turn it into a decent capital. When visiting the city affects many as intriguing modern architecture, also old massive building of the Soviet era. Although the development and establishment of the capital still in the process, yet here every corner has its charm and draws its originality.
Today, during a visit to this city, there is no need to feel uncomfortable because of the use of public transport, it is just need to pre-order auto rental in Astana at and you can easily explore the magnificent sights.

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  • the rich assortment of the fleet, ranging from small-cars, luxury models to SUVs and minivans, allows you to easily make your choice.
  • In our cars, you can also go to other countries, inform us in advance and received written permission from the company.
  • If for some reason you want to extend the rental period, you need in time contact with our operators and we will take appropriate action.
  • The machine according to your request may be delivered in the desired location, and its return can be carried out in the. indicated address.

Use a rich experience of Naniko for convenient travel by vehicle rented in Astana!

From the numerous attractions of Astana the attention of most visitors gains such place as, for example, the Baiterek Tower, is an example of futuristic architecture that prevails in the city. Locals call it jokingly as Chupa Chups since resembles a huge lollipop. Boasting splendid views of the city from the restaurant on top of the tower. There is also an art gallery and an aquarium.
Another amazing structure is the Khan Shatyr – huge transparent tent, accommodating more than 10,000 people at a time. There is an entertainment area, a park and a commercial area, as well as outside Beach Resort.

In the Palace of Peace and Accord every two or three years pass summit. Most people who want to capture panoramic views of Astana come here. You can visit two art galleries and various museums here.
Although the vast majority of sites are located in proximity to each other, the presence of car rental in Astana always a great opportunity to enjoy the convenience of traveling around the city.

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