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Rent a car in Belarus. Car hire with best deals by Naniko

Belarus is a European country, placed in the Eastern part of Europe, and takes a territory of 207 600 km2. Its population of over 10 million people, from which approximately 1.8 million live in the capital Minsk. The country had a fairly turbulent past history, and because of the close historical connection with neighboring Russia, here dominates the Russian language, but the Belarusian has an official status.

On you can find out numerous interesting offers for rent a car in Belarus and achieve the greatest benefits from the cooperation with us. Belarus kindly welcomes its visitors and reveals to them its vast plains and the richness of the nature.

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  • Through our online system you can book a car on your name or for another person. But when receiving a car is obligatory the attendance of the person in whose name the reservation was done.
  • We have in disposition the list of optional accessories, as the system of GPS, child seats, ski holders, snow chains and more. These options may be paid on the spot.
  • Our prices are given with the already included insurance and taxes, and thus, you will not detect hidden costs.
  • If your driving license not issued in the Latin alphabet, it is advised to have the original of the international standard in order to avoid misunderstandings.
  • You can also specify additional driver and the cost of this service should be paid at our office.
  • In our range of services is a delivery of the leased vehicle to the place of your arrival or at any desired address.

Immerse yourself in the study of spaces of the nation with the comfort of vehicle hired in Belarus by the international company Naniko!

The scenery of Belarus is comparatively flat, with the uttermost point of 345 m. It is distinguished by large swampy terrains, abundance of woods, rivers and lakes. Here mainly prevails the moist continental climate. Incomparable natural attraction of the country is the Bialowieza Forest, the only reserve of its kind remained in Europe.

You can visit several interesting castles, two of which are included in World Heritage List. These castles are near, just 30 km from each other. In Minsk, you can see the architecture, characteristic of the Soviet period, and it seems that returned to a decades ago. Apart from the capital, there are many interesting towns, including Grodno, with its unique cathedral Fahrni and a museum of the history of religions.

It can be relaxing this trip, thanks to car renting in Belarus.

Belarusians are very friendly and hospitable. Here you can enjoy delicious traditional cuisine in local restaurants, beautiful scenery, charming at first glance.

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