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Bishkek as the metropolis of the nation is also its important economic center. City received its name from the name of a wooden vessel in which butter transforms from cream, and is also used to produce koumiss – fermented mare’s milk, which is the national drink of the country. There are many legends as to why the city was named after this vessel. Bishkek is located north of the Alatau mountains, branches of the Tien Shan and is bordered by permanently snow-capped mountains of the height of about 4,800 m. The warmest month is July, with temperatures around 25 ° C, so this time is the most pleasant for travel.

A popular means of travel for tourists and business travelers is to rent a car in Bishkek, which simplifies the issue to achieve any destination and gives you unlimited freedom and mobility.

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  • We can provide a car at the airport, at the hotel or at any specified location of your choice.
  • On our vehicle, you can easily travel to neighboring countries, receiving in advance from company the right permission.
  • If you do not want to bother yourself by driving an auto in unknown country, you can use the services of a professional driver.
  • Travel with ease with your family and friends by using additional devices, such as luggage baskets, baby seats, navigation, ski racks and more.
  • We appreciate your privacy and therefore, by booking online, your data are protected by the respective systems.
  • Within seconds of our online system, you get an overview of hundreds of models of cars of different parameters, from which you can choose a suitable one for your plans.
  • We always try to provide the lowest possible price, with included taxes and the cost of auto insurance.

Make your trip really memorable one with the help of vehicle rented in Bishkek on Naniko!

The history of this city goes back to not so very long ago, when in 1825 the Uzbek Khan built a fortress on the banks of the river, which was a lot on the Silk Road also in other Asian countries. But in 1862, the Russians settled here, attracted by fertile land, and the fort was destroyed, and 16 years later here was built the city Pishpek.

During the Soviet period the city was called Frunze in honor of the commander Mikhail Frunze, who was born in these places. In the city is clearly still preserved buildings of the Soviet era. But at the Ala-Too you can see the grandiose statue of Liberty, dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the independence of Kyrgyzstan. The statue represents the figure of Kyrgyz woman with wings that holds the flame coming from the gold laurel wreath.

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