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With a location near the Baltic Sea, Estonia has come a long way of foreign occupation. Initially, it was a center of Viking invasions, as well as Sweden. In 1918, the country declared its independence, which endured until 1940, until the moment when it was s annexed by Russia. In the times of World War II, it was occupied by the Germans. All these factors of the history are reflected in the architectural style of the cities and influenced the formation of the character of the nation. Estonians are very calm and friendly. Of course, during the Soviet occupation there was an impact on the ethnic composition of the population and led to a powerful process of Russification, but now since the new-found independence in 1991, the situation is balanced.

For those who visit the country for the first time will be very interesting to see the local sights and well-preserved architecture of medieval towns, but for most tourists or business people, the most effective means for moving is a car renting in Estonia, with the largest selection of efficient offers and possibility of full freedom.

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The territory of Estonia is dominated by plains where the 40% is covered by forests and is the presence of numerous lakes and rivers. Several islands are make the part of country. Climate is defined by the proximity of the Baltic Sea, the summer is usually mild and pleasant, reaching 30 °, and the winters are cold, with ice on the roads.

Here, throughout the year you can take part in various festivals with songs, dances and a demonstration of traditional clothing.

Apart from the capital, you can see some very notable cities, like Tartu, famous for its University and is considered to be the intellectual capital. This University was founded in 1632 and is among the oldest in Northern Europe. The city also has more than 20 museums.

Narva, located near the Russian border, offers more examples of Soviet architecture. Although in 1944 during air raids the city suffered greatly, yet preserved castle of Herman and several old buildings.

In addition to the beautiful towns, there are national parks, which occupy about 18% in Estonia and 30% of protected areas, with a variety of flora and fauna.

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