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Kutaisi being the second largest city of Georgia, disposed in the core of Imereti region. Its location on halfway of the main line of connection Tbilisi with the Black Sea shore and the North Caucasus since ancient times was strategic.

Its populace is approximately 210 thousand inhabitants, and the occupied area covers 7,000 hectares. The climate is humid subtropical.

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Kutaisi, being an interesting place from the point of view of antique history and priceless monuments of ancient architecture, attracts numerous tourists annually from different countries. The city was established in a picturesque estuary, where you can see the narrow and deep gorges of the Rioni. Antiquity of the town mentioned in Greek mythology and dates back to the era of Minos of XVII-XV centuries BC

Also, the action of the famous Argonautica, which takes place more than 3,300 years ago, is fully concentrated in Kutaisi.

But on the way its history, the town has gone through various milestones of ups and downs. In the 6th century it appeared as the capital of the kingdom Egrisi, then became a military training ground of Persia and Byzantium, but in the result has been returned to Georgians in the 8th century and became the capital of the united kingdom Egrisi and Abkhazia. And in the 10th centenary to Kutaisi was given an even more important role, as it became the first capital of a united Georgia and the residence of King Bagrat III. As a symbol of the unity of the country, he built a magnificent Cathedral of Bagrat.

And in 1122, after the liberation of Tbilisi, by the king David the Builder from the Arabs, the capital from Kutaisi had been moved there. During the reign of David was built a unique architectural monument – Gelati Monastery as the Theological Academy. Despite of the loss of status, Kutaisi always kept its significant place in the history of the country and has been and remains a cultural, educational and tourist center.

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