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As an effect of volcanic eructation, millions of years ago was formed an isle in the Atlantic Ocean, which later became known as Iceland. Today it is a country known for its magnificent scenery, glaciers, snow-capped peaks of extinct volcanoes and geysers, creating a picturesque views of the island.

Quickly becoming one of the top tourist itineraries in Europe, the island has quite a large stream of visitors, which are increasingly choosing the convenient and economical means of travel like a car renting in Iceland. Untouched nature offers a vast territory with a multiplicity of species of fish and birds for nature lovers.

Book your auto hire in Iceland as cheap and convenient with Naniko – an international expert in the field!

  • Full package of auto insurance and VAT prudently included in the proposed price.
  • From the list of accessories you can order:
  • Baggage cart is very convenient for those who travel with sports equipment, for camping, or just want to have more space in the cabin for comfort.
  • Child Seats of different weight classes 0-9 kg up to 15-36 kg.
  • Safety is an important detail when traveling with children and even more so by the Icelandic legislation is necessary to use extra seats for children.
  • GPS navigation is very useful in urban and in rural areas, and help to save time for searching for the right path.
  • The possibility of having an additional driver if you are traveling with a group is also advantageous for safety reasons.

The auto renting in Iceland is the cheapest way provided by Naniko for traveling at your own pace!

Iceland from all European countries is the least inhabited due to the harsh climatic environment. The population is no more than 300 000 people, occupying only 20% of the island, more than half of which are distributed around the capital Reykjavik and the other three cities.

Icelanders are mostly descendants of the Vikings, and some of Scottish and Irish originality.

Evangelical Lutheran Church is the main religion in the country, whose adherents Icelanders become at birth. The national language is Icelandic, very similar to the original language of the Vikings and contains some of the letters that are unique in Europe. Also, many speak English and Danish.

The most important element of the Icelandic culture is the myths and legends passed down from generation to generation and tells about an interesting story about elves, ghosts, kings of Vikings and more. The Icelandic literature has made a essential contribution to world culture.

On car hired in Iceland you can visit the mysterious reserve Myvatyn, in search of the sensational sceneries of rocky coastline and the most beauteous panoramic views of the whole of Europe.

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