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Auto hire in Kazakhstan. Information on car rental from Naniko

Country of steppes, once inhabited by nomads, and then consolidated into the Russian Empire, and later included in the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan, today is independent country and characterized by a variety of influence of the past. Traditional music carries a very important element of Kazakh culture. Despite of numerous influences, this music has retained its identity, reflecting a daily life, shows memory of the past and opening of the soul to the world.

Boundless steppes and majestic cities of the nation can be best visited by auto rented in Kazakhstan, freely crossing the territory in the heart of Asia. Your journey to the discovery of this amazing region will be the most enjoyable and economical.

Start your journey with reasonable economy of finance via rent a car in Kazakhstan by Naniko!

  • At the time the vehicle pick up must have a passport, driving license and credit card.
  • In most cases, it requires a driver’s license of the international standard, especially if the document is not issued in Latin.
  • Drive the leased cars has the right a person in whose name carried the rent, as well as an extra driver, you can specify if you desire from the beginning.
  • There are various options for fuel, of which the mostly used version of the full-full, which means receiving the auto with a full reservoir and return with the appropriate quantity.
  • If any unforeseen damage we will substitute the vehicle with a comparable one.
  • At reception of the machine in addition to the reimbursement of the lease term it is also necessary to leave a deposit, which will return to you in full in correct compliance with the contract terms.

Due to the low cost vehicle renting in Kazakhstan by Naniko, it will be much easier to travel with pleasure!

Country of nomadic peoples, Kazakhstan is rich in sumptuous scenery and vast steppes, as well as cultural heritage. Here you can see and admire infinitely grandiose masterpieces of architecture, created by human hands. Only the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Lassavi, is a monumental complex built in the fourteenth century, is the structure of indescribable beauty. Also, the mausoleums of Aisha Bibi, of 12th century, Babaji Khatoun impossible to overlook.

By auto hired in Kazakhstan is easier to cross the country and reach many tourist areas in the bosom of the beautiful nature. A regions closer to Almaty dominated by mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau, where is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Central Asia and the world. In the summer, many mountain roads are available and ideal for hiking.

A variety of events can be offered in the southeastern part of the country, where are more mountains, as the rest of the country is covered by steppes. Very practical by the SUV 4×4, to make mountain trips, especially in the winter.

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