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Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia, which has the mountain borders with four neighboring countries, with the capital in Bishkek, which in Soviet times was called Frunze. It is very multinational state. Here you can see the magnificent mountain sceneries. The best time to visit the nation in the summer, especially if your path lies in the high mountains. The climate is continental with significant temperature ranges. At high altitudes, the nights even in July and August can be cool. The land is characterized by frequent changes of the weather.

To visit the delightful places, have a mountain trips or visit the urban areas is very convenient by service of car renting in Kyrgyzstan. On you can discover all the available offers in any direction.

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The Kyrgyzstan is intersected by several ranges of mountains, such as Fergana mountains, the foothills of the Pamir-Alai and the different branches of the Tien Shan. Former Pobeda Peak height of 7439 meters held on the frontier with China. On the peaks exceeding 4,000 meters, you can see the vast glaciers, from which originate the rivers and then flow in the deep valleys between the mountains.

In Kyrgyzstan is almost impossible to see the plain areas, in the vast majority these are hilly territories at 500 and 1000 meters.

Karacol is placed at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, near the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul. Given the size of the lake, the proximity to it creates a special microclimate and give a little softer climate than in other parts of the country. With a maximum temperature of about 23 – 25 degrees the local people go swimming in the lake.

To visit the major cities of Kyrgyzstan and lower places, the best time is the spring and autumn.

The Kyrgyz people are very skillful riders, and for this are famous worldwide.

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