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Car renting in Lithuania. Selecting of rent a car by Naniko

Who does not love to travel! It’s a splendid way to explore new places and new cultures, making it possible to discover the undiscovered, to know the history and culture of other nations. After all, the world is full of wonderful places worth visiting, among them, for example, Lithuania, which in recent years has become increasingly popular as a preferred tourist destination. Lithuania is situated in northern Europe and offers many interesting routes. Best time to visit – from May to September, while August is already beginning to be cool.

In order not to overshadow own trip by the bustle and stress of using the public transport, many tourists and business people resort to such a comfy and economical method of travel like a car rental in Lithuania. This service provides ample opportunities for the versatility of the country at own pace and on your own terms.

Use the benefits of auto hire in Lithuania at affordable prices from Naniko!

  • Day rental calculation is measured to be of 24 hours and the it begins at the reception of car, the exact time is recorded in the relevant documents.
  • There is a specific policy of fuel, from which the most acceptable form for both sides is the option of full-full, that means taking a car with a full tank and return with the same quantity.
  • If agreed by both sides, can be also used the full – empty option, according to which you take the car with a full forecastle and pay the price and return the car with an empty reservoir.
  • We provide car delivery service at the right place for you, as well as to the airport. To do this, must be indicated the details of your flight, to access information in case of flight retardation.
  • In most cases, functions the age limit and the minimum age to rent is 21 years.
  • Besides the main driver in the implementation of the lease, you can specify additional driver and this option may be paid on the spot.
  • We give the possibility of renting a car in one direction, which means that if your route starts in one place and end in another, there is no need to return a car to the starting point. Suffice it to agree in advance with the company and refund the auto in our nearest office.

See the great sights with the comfort of vehicle rented in Lithuania at best prices from Naniko!

In the country there are a lot of great places, as well as two famous resort Druskininkai and Birstonas. Both resort are popular for their healing waters and mud, and also have to be noted the extraordinary beauty of the local surroundings. For those who prefer, seascapes, the country can offer wonderful places like Palanga, located close to the bustling capital, and Neringa, famous for its unique nature, where can be nice to relax.

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