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The low cost car renting in Ljubljana. Rent a car with Naniko

Ljubljana, exciting city, bearing the imprint of the Habsburg Empire, which so clearly demonstrated in its sparkling white temples, streets and squares.

The town is built along the river Ljubljana and provides great cultural attractions. Only the Municipal Museum offers a lot of attractive artifacts and fascinating facts from the past of Slovenia. In the old town with its picturesque cobbled streets, you can take a tasty coffee or enjoy a glass of delicious beer.

Visit the city with the comfort and indulge in trips on any routes will be easier with the service of car rental in Ljubljana, which will provide you the opportunity to discover the many wonderful places. This advantage of free movement is highly valued by many tourists.

The company of Naniko is pleased to fit out you with the services of auto hire in Ljubljana at affordable rates!

  • In most cases, the delivery of auto can be done in any desired for you address or to the airport, even if some reason the flight is detained.
  • Age for rent at least 21 years. Unlike other companies that charge a fee for young driver, Naniko just has the requirement of two years of practice of driving.
  • You have the access to indicate an additional driver, with provision also of his personal documents.
  • Full day of rent is considered to be of 24 hours and begins with the pick up of the car and signing the contract in accordance with a specified date and exact time.
  • If you, for arisen reasons cannot return the car at the agreed time, or just want to extend the lease, you must notify the company since probably that the auto is already earmarked for the next period and then will be offered other vehicle at the same price.
  • Baby seats, luggage racks, navigators and other additional elements are always available on demand and payable on the spot at the daily rate.
  • As a rule, we also have no restrictions if you have a decision to go to another country. It is essential to notify this intention in advance and get a special document from us.

Take an advantage of vehicle renting in Ljubljana, simple and inexpensive by Naniko!

Ljubljana, situated at an altitude of approximately 300 meters, stretches along the river, on the east bank of which can be seen the old town, and on the west is the modern part of the city. The two parts are connected by picturesque bridges.

The town is dominated by the castle Ljubljanski Grad, which stands on a hill and was recently beautifully restored.

It is not a very big city, and the movement is not as chaotic as in large cities. Even during peak hours, you can easily move around the streets and in the center is also easy to find parking place, but you can leave your car for a maximum of two hours.

Many tourists in the presence of the auto rented in Ljubljana go to admire such places as waterfalls Slap Savin and Tschaukofall.

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