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Rent a car at the Lviv airport. Auto hire with Naniko

Lovely city Lviv rightfully can be proud of that is listed in the forefront among the Ukrainian cities for its beauty and appeal. In fact, there can still be discovered on the periphery of gray concrete tower blocks, several cars Volga and grandmothers selling pickled vegetables and honey on the market that resembles not so long ago past communist times.

The town is very interesting for its cultural heritage and often competes with Kiev as a cultural capital. The flow of tourists is extensive, and usually as a means of moving the most of them choose convenient car rental from the airport of Lviv. It is very readily to implement reservation on, is an expert in this field.

Thousands of customers choose to lower tariffs by Naniko for an auto renting at the airport in Lviv!

  • No matter what type of car you are planning to order, in our fleet we will be able to pick you up a right model.
  • Multitudinous brands and models of autos from small and compact for the city, cheap for country trips or prestigious models for business meetings.
  • Small vehicles are economy in the terms of fuel consumption, but do not have much room for luggage. To be comfortable is better to order a luggage cart.
  • Auto a bit large size well suited to a small family trips and can be found in the categories of medium or full length.
  • One of the interesting benefits of booking with us are seasonal discounts and periodic promotions that we offer to our customers.
  • Prices that are provided Immersed no hidden costs and always include insurance and taxes.
  • If, for whatsoever reasons you need to change or cancel your order, you will not have additional expenses for two days before the lease.
  • We always strive to provide high quality services, road assistance and unlimited mileage you get for free!

Company Naniko congratulates you with the right choice of vehicle hired in the airport of Lviv and wishes you a pleasant and safe journey!

There are about 20 weekly flights from Lvov airport to most requested destinations in the country or throughout the Europe.

Lviv International Airport is disposed 6 km from the city and serves the entire north-western region of Ukraine. In 2012, it was carried out grandiose reconstruction and enlargement of the airport, due to the increased flow of passengers. On average, there is serviced 147,000 passengers a year.

Given the short distance to the town center, there is no need for a hotel at the airport, you can stay overnight in a city where a great variety of hotels of various classes.

In the terminal of the airport are offered all the necessary services and a variety of classic services. An abundance of bars and restaurants as well as a number of shops will help to spend time waiting for your flight.

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