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Car hire in Minsk. Useful information on rent a car from Naniko

Minsk is a Belarus’ largest city, which during the Second World War was almost completely destroyed, but then, towards the fifties of the last century was restored by the order of Stalin. Although tourism is still gaining momentum, Minsk is an ideal location from which to start your journey toward the vast expanses, to sport activities, or immerse yourself in the learning of interesting facts of history, visiting museums, notably the National Museum of History and Culture, which will create you some idea of ​​the country.
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Just a short distance from the capital, you can relax on the public beaches of artificial sea of Minsk. There are also available a variety of winter sports, like skiing in such ski resort as Silichi and Lagoisk, where you can practice your skills on the slopes of various levels of difficulty, snowboarding or tobogganing. Also interesting is a Belarusian cuisine, characterized by soups and dishes made with potatoes and kefir drink similar to yogurt, but with a very special taste.Car hire in Minsk

Minsk has a very attractive and interesting to visit the old town, which is located on the east side of the river. Trinity suburb was restored in the 80s and today looks exactly as in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Strolling along the river, you can see the Island of Tears, which is a memorial dedicated to those who died during the war in Afghanistan.
One of the most visible symbols of the city is a white cathedral of the Holy Spirit, standing on a hill.

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