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Car Hire at Riga Airport – low-rate rent a car from Naniko

Riga is an old town with splendidly preserved architecture and neat and clean streets. Many tourists love excursions to this nice town where you can admire a monument of freedom, which is an important symbol for its residents. Not so far from here, is the Powder Tower and the Lutheran Cathedral. Rundale Palace is the main attraction and the magnificent expression of the Latvian baroque.

This palace, now representing the museum, surrounded by a park of great beauty. If your visit is in summer or the spring period, walk in the boat on the Daugava River will allow you to take pleasure of the grandeur and goodliness of the landscape, which are evidently visible along the coast.

If you are in search of an inexpensive means of travel, then the best option would be to rent a car at the airport of Riga, which you can find at We offer the highest degree of professionalism and reliability, vehicle quality and comprehensive service.

Do not miss the best opportunity of independent travel by auto hired in Riga Airport provided by Naniko!

  • Do you need an advice for choosing a suitable lease or car, our experts are always at your service.
  • Via the direct link to the online chat with our skilled operators, you will get all the support and answers to your questions.
  • Our long-term loyal customers appreciate our advanced system of services, efficiency and reliability.
  • Once carrying out your order, you are always, two days before the commencement of the lease, will be able to modify or cancel it without fear of penalties.
  • About any additional costs, such as payment of auxiliary accessories or fuel consumption, you will be informed in advance, we have no any hidden costs.
  • We provide the service of delivery of the machine at the place of your arrival, or any address that you will specify when booking.
  • If your trip falls on the winter season, we will offer you a list of relevant accessories like winter tires, ski racks, snow chains, and more.

Road assistance and unlimited mileage – the benefits of vehicle renting at Riga airport from Naniko!

International Airport of Riga is about 13 kilometers from the capital and is the largest airport in the Baltic region.

There are flights to 88 destinations worldwide. It is very modern airport, equipped according to international standards. As a major hub for air traffic in the region here are served every day thousands of passengers and cargo around the world.

To reach the center, you can use several bus lines, in particular 22 and 22A, departing from Terminal 1 and the time of path takes about 30 minutes. In addition, there is an Airport Express, which costs a little more.

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