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Car hire in Riga. The best selection of rent a car on Naniko

Riga, being the capital of Latvia, is recognized as the most beautiful city not only among the Baltic States, but also in the world. This historic city is perfectly preserved for centuries, but in recent years there have been a number of restoration work carried out. Old center of Riga was included in the World Heritage List. For lovers of architecture, and for any visitor, it is simply an abundance of priceless monuments; Riga with its incomparable beautiful and originality makes everyone fall in love with at first sight. There are many interesting museums that you can see during the day and in the evening relax in cozy bars and terraces.

Rent a car in Riga is much needed service to date and organize it can be easily and quickly thanks to the booking process for, which always offers the competitive prices.

Explore this fascinating destination, conveniently and economically with the help of car rental from Riga by Naniko!

  • If you have plans to travel to neighboring countries, in our cars you can easily cross the border, after receiving from our company special written permission.
  • Perform an online booking you can to the name of other person, but when receiving the machine must be present the person in whose name the reservation name carried.
  • The range of accessories like GPS navigation, child seats, ski racks, snow chains and other are provided for your choice.
  • Our prices include the cost of auto insurance and taxes, with no hidden costs. For any additional costs, for example as of accessories or fuel consumption, our reservations department will inform you in advance.
  • Always recommended to have available a driver’s license of international standard, particularly if it is not issued in Latin.
  • Initially, when taking the car, you can specify the additional driver, with the corresponding payment of the option.
  • The wide range of our fleet, completed with the models by guiding global manufacturers, allows to choose the car for everyone’s taste and needs.

Take an advantage of the favorable offer of unlimited millage by Naniko on vehicle renting in Riga!

Riga is disposed on the banks of the Daugava River, just ten kilometers from the Gulf of Riga, which connected to the Baltic Sea. The town is inhabited by more than by 700,000 people.
Riga from ancient times was an important point and a connecting link in trade between Western and Eastern Europe, which remains to this day. Since gaining an independence, the port has become modernized and was also built a new passenger terminal.

Above all, Riga is the most important financial center in the Baltic countries. Industry focused primarily on treatment of local products, particularly wood and food. In recent decades, more and more people from around the world opened Riga as a great place for recreation and tourism.

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