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Rent a car in Minsk from
worldwide car rental company Naniko

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Car Rental in Russia, low cost of rent a car by Naniko

Russia is an immense country, covering more than 17 000 square kilometers and have 12 time zones. Travel here one can through the very diverse areas, radically different not only by landscapes, but also by the climate. You can go through the subtropical zone and the hottest regions, near the Black Sea and to the coldest regions of the world as Yakutia, where the temperature can reach -50 °. Russia inhabited by various ethnics and small communities, which are scattered on its vast territory; some of them are nomads. There is also a huge urban centers, the main of which is its incredible metropolis Moscow, where are more than 10 million inhabitants.

In these nationwide, almost indispensable means of moving is a car rental in Russia, regardless of your goals will give you the maximum freedom and comfort, as well as the use of time in your own discretion.

The company Naniko will offer you auto hire in Russia at the lowest price and the highest range of categories of vehicles!

  • The most advantageous benefits you’ll find in the system of our services as unlimited mileage and roadside assistance, available around the clock.
  • Having carried out the reservation, if necessary, you can always make correction in your order or even to cancel it without penalty, two days before receiving the car.
  • To facilitate the task of driving in a foreign country, you can resort to the remarkable service of professional drivers from the company.
  • The range of optional accessories are always given to your choice: luggage baskets, seats for children of different sizes, navigator with updated maps, winter tires or security chains.
  • We offer tariffs with already included Casco car insurance and all local taxes.
  • Often areavailable the differentinteresting dealsorseasonal discountsonvarious models ofcars.
  • Reception and return of the vehicle can be performed in any desirable to you place that you will specify in advance.
  • You can easily cross the border of another country on our cars, previously agreed with us this issue and obtain written notarized authorization.

Take an advantage of Naniko vehicle renting in Russia to experience the beauty of the historical cities of the vast country!

Still having the imprint of the recent days of communism, Russia today is a country so vast, complex and interesting, being able to amaze anyone regardless of how many times one visited it. In contrast to the Soviet era now here you can see the new and rich structures and prosperous economy. In Russia, the largest country on earth, endless opportunities for tourism, although often very expensive, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can drive almost 10,000 kilometers of steppes, tundra and see the largest lakes. A trip to Russia accompanied by joy of new discoveries and by kaleidoscope of images and amazing memories.

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