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Car hire in Slovenia. Information of rent a car with Naniko

Slovenia became an independent state from 1991 and get in the European Union in 2004. The country is placed between the Balkan peninsula and the Alps, with a populace of just over 2 million people. The leading role in the country’s economy has a tourism, is quite lucrative and developed in the area of the Alps and around the caves of Postojna. Also in big demand is gambling industry and casinos, which are closer to the border with Italy.

Whatever the purpose of your visit here, you will be much more reliable and comfy to move on auto rented in Slovenia. Through the online service on, you can choose everything you need and easy to explore the country.

Get your car rental in Slovenia with a zero and number of benefits by Naniko!

  • After you have filled in the request form, our system will check availability of the cars in
  • a predetermined period and you will get or order confirmation, or an alternative option with the same parameters.
  • Please, before the conclusion of the lease contract and pay for services, be attentive to the conditions and if any additional questions, without any doubt, please contact us.
  • We make every labor to ensure the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information provided through the website or by our operators.
  • Voucher of booking you must have at car reception.
  • Our cost of leasing have included all taxes and car insurance, taking into account the limitation of liability for damages and protection against theft.
  • Upon receipt of the machine is required to leave a deposit in case of any damage to the car for the period of the lease, that in case of absence of such will be returned in full.
  • The fuel policy is regulated as follows, that initially you get a car with a full tank and must return similarly or pay for the corresponding amount of petrol.

Do not miss any corner of the charming country by vehicle hired in Slovenia with favorable prices from Naniko!

With its central location in Europe, Slovenia differs with mountainous and hilly terrain, and only in the direction of the border with Hungary there is the plain area and stretch of coast on the Adriatic Sea.

Slovenia among the most greenest countries in Europe and the perfect place to stay for people who love nature walks.

In Slovenia, there are several ski areas, well-equipped for tourism, the most famous of which are Kranjska Gora, where also hosts the men’s cross-country skiing World Cup. Maribor Pohorje is also popular. Alpine ski center there is also on Mount Kanin, where you can ski until late spring.

Around the many lakes and mountains, as Pokljukao and Bloke, are several cross-country ski.

Winter holiday in Slovenia is very diverse and offers all up to pleasure of ride on dog and horse sleds.

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