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Car rental in Tallinn. Profitable deals of Rent a car with Naniko

This ancient Hanseatic borough and nowadays the metropolis of Estonia, Tallinn has a beautiful old city wall and an attractive historic center, which is its main attraction. From the old days in Tallinn were clearly marked class differences, and therefore the nobles inhabited the upper part of the town on the hill, and the poor class lived in the lower part. Today the city’s population of about 400 thousand people, accounting for third part of the Estonian population.

As the most northern of the Baltic counties, the Estonian capital Tallinn is located off the shore of the Gulf of Finland, on the other side of which is the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Here are concentrated the major government structures, and in last years Tallinn has become a center od technologies of the Baltic States.

Many travelers visit the city, some for business matters, and some for a relaxing days of vacation. And for those and other the urgent question is an effective means of moving around the city and surrounding areas. And one can safely say that is already proven that the service of car renting in Tallinn is the most in demand and profitability.

Rely on many years of experience of Naniko and get the best car hire in Tallinn!

  • Booking is easy and in just a few easy steps you will get your desired vehicle.
  • Our fleet offers a wide choice of vehicles equipped with all amenities.
  • You can select a car of any type or size, from small or medium-sized, up to the volume and roomy, minibuses, vans and even luxury cars.
  • Impeccable service is a special advantage that fascinates our regular customers.
  • The competitiveness of our prices tested and proven over the years of practice. Rates are already include the cost of mandatory auto insurance and all taxes.
  • Regardless of where you get your rented car, by prior arrangement, you can return it at the end point of your journey.
  • For more comfort and security you provided by the range of support devices such as navigators, child seats, snow chains, and more.

With your vehicle hired in Tallinn by Naniko you can achieve any routes in comfort!

Tallinn is served by an extensive network of well-established public transportation system containing the buses, trolleys and trams. Tickets are available at newsstands or can be purchased directly from the driver’s of vehicle.

The central area of the city has paid parking lots, where only the first 15 minutes are free.

In recent years significantly increased the standard of living in the city and even increased the cost of hotel rooms, it is still much cheaper than in Western Europe. The choice of accommodation is quite large and offered as a cheap tourist hostels and luxury hotels.

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