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Car renting in Vilnius Airport. Best rent a car with Naniko

Vilnius is a wonderful city with a rich history, showing well-preserved exhibits of medieval culture. Some of the buildings here date back to the 14th century. Here, an abundance of museums, that gives a possibility of better identify the character and nature of the country and the people. Lithuanian Art Museum offers various exhibitions of Lithuanian art. Also interesting is the castle complex, which includes a system of edifices as the Gediminas Castle and the Royal Palace. In the central square you can visit some remains of many medieval castles.

If you are searching for the suitable ways to move during your trip, it will recommend to resort to the proven and most popular way of car renting from the airport of Vilnius. The most reasonable prices you’ll find on, that can be arranged with the help of user-friendly reservation system. This will give you a vacation without the hassle or a successful business trip.

Do not bother yourself much by searching, you’ve already found the best deal by Naniko on auto hire from Vilnius Airport!

  • To book your desired car, during some hours you will get the approval of reservation – voucher containing all the nuances of your order.
  • Provided prices are inclusive the cost of car insurance and all taxes.
  • In addition to the payment of rental services have the need of deposit collateral in case of unforeseen expenses or mechanical damage of vehicle. It is refundable upon expiration of the lease in full, if all terms of lease are met.
  • Additional accessories for convenience and safety are always available on request. But it is worth to consider that in most countries, for example, child seats or snow chains in winter required by law.
  • If you order the service car delivery at the airport, it is also significant to inform the flight number, so the for company will be available an information in the case of flight delay.
  • Reservation of the car you can make for the other person, but at the time of receiving the car a person in whose name the lease is carried out, must be presented with own documents.

The best way to pleasant memories is through comfort of the vehicle renting at the airport in Vilnius from Naniko!

Vilnius International Airport is disposed in the southeastern part of the town and is the largest civil airport in Lithuania. Here there is good transportation system to transport passengers from the airport to Vilnius. Also available bus lines or taxi services.

The airport is well equipped with technologies and range of services for the comfort of travelers. At the terminal is available free wireless internet and VIP services, including telephone, fax and photocopier. For private meetings given special rooms.

In the bar and cafe you can enjoy cold drinks, coffee and desserts. In the press room, you can get information about the news.

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