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Car renting in Vilnius. Preferable deals of Rent a car by worldwide company Naniko

Travelling – this is an excellent opportunity that permits you to expand your mind and broaden the horizons of world view, learn new, hitherto unknown and take with you the great memories of pleasant moments. This allows you to understand the world in comparison to see other cultures and peoples of the world, so similar and so divers from us.

Vilnius is a wonderful Baltic city, style and charm of which has appeared from the influence of different historical epochs. Vilnius has retained its certain charm, and although in recent years carried out work on the reconstruction of the city, has not undergone the big changes that are so characteristic of cities in the rapid development.

The most required means of travel is to rent a car in Vilnius, which will give you a chance to freely wander the cobbled streets of the old town and admire the buildings of 12th and 13th century. But on the other side, you can also see modern Vilnius, as the metropolis of the fast-growing business, with developed infrastructure and a variety and entertainment.

Use the list of lucrative offers from Naniko for auto hire in Vilnius!

  • Additional accessories such as child seats, luggage basket, navigators, and other readily available upon request. In most countries, baby chairs are required by law.
  • We provide the available service of pick up the car at a particular address, which you can specify when booking initially.
  • If you have a necessity of change the details of the order or cancel it, no any surcharges will be necessary, just do it two days before receiving the car. You can easily change the length of the lease or the type of vehicle, or other nuances.
  • To receive the vehicle must present documents such as a driver’s license, passport and voucher of reservations. Please note that in most cases, required international driving license.
  • All our vehicles are accompanied by mandatory car insurance, the cost of which is already priced in, as well as all taxes.
  • Thanks of disposition of own fleet, Naniko can give you exactly the model of the car that will meet your needs.

Get the beautiful and comfortable journey by vehicle rented in Vilnius at low rates from Naniko!

Charming Vilnius is a capital of Lithuania has the largest historical center, which is full of old churches and picturesque streets. The town is inhabited ny about 600,000 people. It is disposed at the confluence of the rivers Neris and Vilna.

Here is also the oldest university in this part of Europe.

At 28 kilometers from Vilnius, you can visit the town of Trakai, known for its castle built on an island and surrounded by a lake Galve. At the sight of the castle it possessed a sense, that it laid on the water. Today here is presented the Historical Museum, as well as within the church there, with the icon of the Holy Mother of God of the beginning of the fifteenth century, which is considered an important work of art Lithuanian heritage.

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