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Car hire at Vnukovo airport. Rent a Car for best prices by Naniko

Your exciting journey to the Russian capital you can start right at Moscow’s airport of Vnukovo, which is just a few kilometers far from the city. With a population exceeding fourteen million people, along with the surrounding areas, Moscow, for today is among the massively populated places in the world. The scale of the city is so great that sometimes you may need many hours to reach a particular place. But numerous sights of Moscow attracts countless tourists every year.

If you have in your disposition a car rented at the airport of Moscow your visit will begin stress-free and without depending on the schedule of public transport that will enable you to get much more pleasure from visiting any sites.

Get valuable opportunity by Naniko of pleasant visit on auto hired from the airport Vnukovo!

  • In addition to the basic benefits of our standard system of services you can get periodic seasonal discounts and exciting offers.
  • When booking also will be available a diapason of auxiliary devices such as car seat for the baby, luggage baskets, ski racks, the navigator, safety chains and other.
  • Prices are provided by us already include insurance for damage or theft, as well as all taxes.
  • At the booking process you can request the service of delivery of the car at your address, whether it is an airport, a hotel or a private address.
  • If your driving license issued not in Latin characters strongly recommended to have the one of international standard. Also make sure the expiry of your documents.
  • Initially, when renting, you can specify an additional driver from the number of passengers whose present is necessary for receiving the machine.
  • The company is always indicated a minimum age of the main driver at least 21 years.
  • If you prefer, you also have the opportunity to cross the border of another country on our cars and this service must be requested when booking. To do this, you receive from us a special document of attorney.

Book now a vehicle for rent at the airport Vnukovo for the best rates on Naniko!

Vnukovo is the oldest of the international airports of Moscow. Like other Moscow airports, Vnukovo has undergone reorganization and expansion, and in 2011 opened a new terminal for domestic flights. Works on modernization raised the general level of service. Various transport links provide the connection of airport with different stations of Moscow. On average, the trip takes 35 minutes.

Distance from Vnukovo to the town is about 28 km.

On the territory of Vnukovo provided two parking lots and a small number of open parking spaces.

At the terminals are available restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. There are rooms for storage of luggage. About the lost things you can contact the airport security.

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