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To start an exciting tour in the Netherlands, most travelers begin their journey with its attractive capital city, Amsterdam, through which pass the vital arteries of the nation’s life. Arriving by plane to Amsterdam or in any other way, you obviously need a convenient means of travel for the autonomy of your trip. Therefore, it is wise to book before departure car rental in Amsterdam, which in the broadest range offered via the website of Naniko.
In the Netherlands, many of the cities has own peculiarities, but the capital offers visitors a truly unique attractions. Here you can admire the beautiful cathedral of the 14th century, the structure of which is realized in the Gothic style, visit the famous Van Gogh Museum and see the works of the great master, to give to Memory National Monument, dedicated to the victims of World War II, where every year come the representatives of the most important public institutions , along with the royal family in order to participate in the memorial ceremony.

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In order to create for our customers the most ideal conditions for a trip, we also offer range of additional services and ancillary accessories, among which you can select the option of second driver, if you are traveling in the company of fellow travelers. This option provides an opportunity for each member of a trip to get a good rest and enjoy the country roads.
The range of assistive devices raises the level of safety and comfort when traveling in the car rent. If on the board of the car you have children, do not miss the sight of the use of children’s car seats that as a rule is required by law.

Upon receipt of auto the renter must present personal documents with a satisfactory shelf life, also the booking voucher, specifying the details of the order. In some cases, when the original driver’s license issued in a language different from the Latin alphabet, you must be in possession of this document of international standard.

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In general, in the Netherlands, driving a car is an enjoyable experience as the roads are in perfect condition, the network of highways is well-developed, and local drivers are friendly.
The most interesting to visit in Amsterdam is considered the channel area in the city center, which presents amazing landscapes and historic buildings. Many do not miss the chance to visit the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt Museum and the House of Anne Frank. Amsterdam is also famous for its red-light street Die Wallen. For all the selected routes, you will be able to move in complete freedom with car rental.

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