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Cheap rates for car rental at Athens airport of Eleftherios Venizelos by Naniko

Athens is a city that evokes ancient myths and legends, which is for thousands of years observing the rapidly changing world around. It is also among the most visited cities in Europe, that attracts visitors thanks to its exceptional cultural heritage and magnificent nature and turquoise beaches of the beautiful Greek islands.

To make a trip to this magnificent corner of the world, without any doubt, a very efficient to use the car rental in Athens airport, especially if you arrive by plane at the Hellenic peninsula. Thanks to the services of the company of Naniko, you can get your car right at the arrival and then move in any direction you wish. The airport is 40 kilometers away from the capital and is reachable by auto in less than an hour’s drive along the motorway A / D 6.

Visit the cradle of Mediterranean civilization by taking car rent at the airport of Athens provided by Naniko!

Terms of rental is always originally determined and specified in the lease, and for one day of hire is considered to be 24 hours. In case of need, you can always extend the rental period by contacting our reservation center for a few days in advance.

When you complete the booking, you will receive a voucher confirming your order, which specifies your chosen option. It should be remembered that this document is not a substitute for the lease, which is signed as a rule at the reception of the car.

It is important to carefully fill in the correct personal information, also your email address, which is a significant means of communication and is used for sending the necessary documentation during and after the booking. The company cannot held the responsible for any errors of communication.

If your plans have changed, you can free of charge delete or cancel the order no less than 48 hours before the commencement of the rental.

In our offices you will also be provided with range of additional services and assistive devices.

Plan your trip with maximum comfort and rent a car in Athens Airport from Naniko!

The capital of Greece is served by an international airport, named after the statesman Eleftherios Venizelos. This civil airport is a base for Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines and serves  more than 16 million passengers annually. In recent years it has become much more popular as a transit route to Asia and the Middle East. The airport opened in 2001, replacing the now closed airport of Ellinikon.

Immersed in the exploring of the world of Greek culture, do not miss the sight of modern areas of the city with many attractions, also enjoy the local specialties in typical Greek taverns.

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