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Information about car rental in Berlin Tegel Airport – TXL with Naniko

Throughout the twentieth century, Berlin, more than other European capitals, has undergone many changes of identity. For many Berlin is still associated with the tragic pictures of World War II, but today we can already clearly see that paying a hefty price in the past, Berlin now presents a different reality of the modern and peaceful city of the XXI century, emphasizing by its multi-ethnic composition of the population its tolerance and cosmopolitanism. Many people when visiting the city in a hurry to see the first Reichstag, the seat of the German parliament, built in 1884-1894, and represents one of the most outstanding monuments of the city, in the walls of which were made the crucial decisions for the world’s history. The famous picture of the Red Army solder – Georgian Kantaria, raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag, remained one of the well-known images of the past century, all symbolizing the fall of the Nazi regime.
During the long period the main airport serving the capital was Berlin Tegel airport, having IATA code of TXL. There are two runways and an annual passenger flow is over 15 million people, in the presence of more than 165,000 flights. It is advantageous to use the services of car rental from the Berlin airport, which will allow you easily visit any areas of the German capital, the rich historical and monumental attractions.

Effective service of rent a car in Berlin Tegel airport from Naniko permits you to travel in complete freedom!

All our rates are offered to you with included VAT and the necessary insurance. You will not be surprised by the hidden costs as it happens with other service providers, as we all provide with the principle of transparency.

If you select any additional services, you can find its value in the appropriate section. At your discretion proposed various auxiliary accessories such as Navigators, luggage baskets, child seats, winter accessories and much more. Payment of additional services can be performed on-site of reception of car rent.

Our center of support and skilled operators and our specialists are available to you around the clock.

Make your trip according to your wishes on car rent at Tegel Airport in Berlin from Naniko!

Berlin offers the largest collection of museums in the world. The most famous museums of the capital can be found
at so-called Museum Island where you can see many interesting collections of ancient Greek, works of art and masterpieces of the Middle East and others. A lot of museums are located within walking distance from each other, but the different attractions you can visit when using the rent a car services at Berlin Tegel Airport.

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