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Discover low cost car rental in Copenhagen with Naniko

The Danish capital differs with that special beauty that is characteristic for European capitals and its visit is a true delight for lovers of recreation in the great clean atmosphere, surrounded by historical and cultural attractions. Of course, Copenhagen has an efficient public transport system, but residents are widely use for movement such means as a bicycle. But being in a business trip or traveling for pleasure, more profitable is a service of car rental in Copenhagen, which makes it easy to take any tours of the city and surrounding areas and is suitable for any kind of family or group needs. Copenhagen is full of excellent shops, playgrounds, historic monuments and, of course, rich in architectural compositions. It is worth visiting the Royal Library of Slotsholmen and its museums where you can see the exhibition containing items from the Paleolithic.

The city is actually able to offer many charming attractions for adults and children. Interesting are the places like the National Museum, the Tobacco Museum and much more. The symbol of the city is the statue of the Little Mermaid, which is disposed near the city center.

Discover the wonderful places and Tivoli Gardens on car rent in Copenhagen from Naniko at incredibly low prices!

Prices provided on our website or directly at our offices, already include VAT and mandatory insurance. You also get unlimited mileage and with no additional cost will travel to any destination.

Implement your booking is better in advance so for the time of arrival you will immediately receive the ordered car. Through our website, or by telephone, you can get all the information you need and easily book your desired car. At the end of the reservation, whether you made it online or by telephone, within a few hours by e-mail you will receive an order confirmation, which will show the details of your order for car rent.

Naniko provides a wide range of categories of vehicles, including fuel-efficient cars for urban movements, reliable SUVs, roomy minivans or elegant sedans for business travelers or special occasions.

The contract of lease always signed at the place of receiving the car. We encourage you to read it carefully. Please note that the voucher is not a document that replaces the lease agreement.

Visit the cities with rent a car in Copenhagen and enjoy your vacation at the best rates from Naniko!

As a rule, often our rent a car packages in Copenhagen also provided with a substantial discount at certain times. For this purpose better always looking for updates on Naniko web-site and get the most favorable conditions.

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