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France, disposed in the western part of the European continent, also includes some regions located in Africa, Oceania and America. The total area occupied by the country is about 550 square kilometers, with a population of over 61 million people, and taking into account also the inhabitants of the overseas territories, France is the third most populous country in Europe. The landscapes of the country are varied and consist of large coastal plains up to the mountain ranges of the Alps and the Pyrenees. The highest peak is Mont Blanc, in the Alps.
France’s culture is rich and diverse, thanks to the ancient origins and migration waves characteristic for the country for centuries. Some French cities are fully included in the World Heritage list. A culinary traditions of France are known worldwide.
To get the perfect opportunity to explore the country as much as possible, you should use car rental services in France from Naniko and being behind the wheel of your car, enjoy all that offers one of the most visited country in Europe. The range of places to visit is extensive, from the most famous and attractive cities, rich in artistic and cultural terms, oceanic and Mediterranean beaches, hiking in the mountains, where you can enjoy a variety of leisure activities.
Our company offers excellent packages for rent a car in France, with cheaper tariffs and services that are tailored to your preferences. You are in full autonomy, in your sole discretion will be able to discover the treasures of this country, not limiting yourself with certain routes.

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One of the most interesting places to visit is Lille, located in the plains of Flanders and experienced throughout its history different political and cultural influences. Lille has a great architectural diversity and today is extremely eclectic and rich city in which culture is an integral and essential part of life, as often in the center of interesting exhibitions and festivals.

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