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The most lucrative deals for car rental at Helsinki-Vantaa airport with Naniko

Helsinki-Vantaa international airport serving the capital of Finland, located 20 kilometers away in the place of Tikkurila , and was built for the 1952 Olympics, and since that time has undergone various changes and improvements of the system. At present, there are two terminals, placed 250 meters away from each other and connected by a corridor. In 1999, Helsinki-Vantaa was determined as the best airport in the world. The annual passenger flow of about 13 million people. In the aviation industry, it is indicated with IATA code of HEL.
The ideal solution for the movement of those who come here for personal or business matters, also for holidays will be car rental at Helsinki Airport. Thus, it is a great opportunity to enjoy visiting those places that you are more attracted to, and create personalized itineraries for leisure and entertainment.
Due to the ring road around the capital, it is easily accessible from the airport to different points of destination on the bus and by car. Terminals are well equipped with various services for the convenience of passengers, and only a few meters from here is the Finnish Aviation Museum, where you can see old and modern aviation objects.

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You receive from us the lowest and competitive price, which originally included the cost of insurance and taxes.
There is no penalty when change cancel the order no later than two days prior to the commencement of the service.
No hidden costs and extra charges! Any additional services can be ordered and paid for on-site of car reception.

When you receive the auto you need to provide us with personal documents, in accordance with the required standards, as well as the booking voucher.
With multiple points of car rental across the country and around the world, our customers are able to travel with the system of one way rental and can also make international routes crossing the borders of the country of rent.

At your arrival, the car can be obtained from our offices, or we can make delivery to the airport or to other desired place.

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Those who look for a relaxation can go to The Flamingo Entertainment Center, only 3 km from the airport and enjoy the largest indoor water park in Finland. Here, near you can visit the medieval church of San Lorenzo, which is a beautiful stone building, and moving on car rent in east direction is a scientific center of Eureka, where you can visit the exhibitions of digital technology and a planetarium.

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