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Cheap car rental at Henri Coanda airport of Bucharest with Naniko

Bucharest is the beautiful capital of Romania and thanks to its versatility is able to offer a lot of interesting surprises travelers who intend to appreciate its beauty. In the city is often organized the fairs of various kinds, local exhibitions of famous representatives of art and literature, born in this respected country. The capital has an international airport named after Henri Coanda, which is also known as Bucharest Otopeni. The airport was founded in order to expand and promote the development of the tourism sector, also for economic reasons, as the capital of Romania is a truly international trade center. When you have planned arrival in the country by air, receiving he service of car rental at Bucharest airport, you will easily start your journey, as this area is perfect for following in any direction.
Take advantage of these services is really a wise decision that will give you a lot of positive benefits in comparison with the use of public transport or taxi.

Naniko provides the services for rent a car at Otopeni Airport at the most competitive rates and offers a huge range of its fleet, accompanied by the highest quality of services.
The airport is disposed 16 km away from the Romanian capital, near the town of Otopeni. It has two terminals, connected by a free shuttle bus. In the system of the aviation industry it is indicated with IATA code of OTP.

Save your time and money by choosing the rent a car at the airport Bucharest Otopeni on favorable conditions from Naniko!

When you complete your reservation, it will be confirmed via voucher, specifying all the details of the reservation, which will be sent to your email address. It is important to specify a valid email address, because it is an important tool for communication.
Through our site you can order a car rental for any person and pay by credit card, but you must take into account that for the reception of a vehicle shall present the renter and present his personal documents.

Among the various packages you can select one way car rent that enables you to implement a linear path, without having to return to the starting point of the journey. By prior arrangement, you can return the car to the nearest rental point of our company.

Select more options and the possibility to travel in comfort with car rent at Bucharest Airport from Naniko!

When you carry out your order, you can also indicate the desire to deliver the car for rent at your place of arrival or residence. When delivery is ordered to the airport, it is important to provide us with information about your flight.

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