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Car rental at Kiev Borispol airport. Rent a car with Naniko

Ukrainian capital is a wonderful city in the European style, passed the quite hard historical way, rich in variety of events. Today Kiev is certainly welcome and demanded touristic direction due to the richness of its heritage. Here visitors can get both active holidays and quiet, relaxing days with tasting great and inexpensive cuisine, try the traditional dishes like borsch, okroshka or pork, baked with mushrooms and vegetables and much more.

Navigate through the city roads, as well as for the study of the more remote areas, reliable and convenient means is a car rental from the Boryspil Airport. This frees you from having to follow the schedule of public transport or taxi use that save you both time and money.

Get your personal auto hired at the airport Borispol booked on at the best price!

  • Our highly effective online reservation system in a few simple steps will give you what you desire.
  • Our own fleet disposes huge assortment of vehicles equipped with all amenities.
  • Perfect service is always willing to offer to our customers.
  • Highly competitive prices include mandatory car insurance and taxes.

Your preferences of comfortable trip come true thanks to the vehicle hire from the airport of Kiev by Naniko!

Boryspil International Airport, through all Ukrainian airports is the most requested and therefore busiest, processing approximately 60% of the whole air traffic of the country and at the same time having a passenger over of 8 million people a year.

Boryspil has a strategic location and is the main air transport hub serving flights linking of Ukraine with the majority of countries. Here, for the domestic and international flights operate every day more than 50 different airlines carrying passengers and cargo in more than 100 destinations around the world.

The airport has two runways and three passenger terminals. The technical potential of the airport is quite high, with a track of length of 4 km and a width of 60 meters, has the ability to accept all types of aircraft even under less than suitable atmospheric conditions.

Recently opened in 2012, the new terminal D, which is the largest and modernized passenger complex with all amenities.

In recent years, development in the air transport sector and modern equipped infrastructure attracting more international airlines seeking the best routes in the area.

There are also other terminal for the sorting of goods, as well as for flights within the country.

For international flights here are the 30 check desks and a lot of services for travelers.

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