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The capital of the world’s only Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a city with the same name, which is known as the cultural, financial and administrative center of the country, and perhaps not many people know that is completely included in the World Heritage list. The city has a strategic location in the heart of Europe and was founded in the tenth century on the site of the old fortress, which was gradually transformed into this beautiful city. Luxembourg has in the presence an international airport, located just 6 km away, and arrived here by plane, you can safely continue your way, pre-booking car rental service in Luxembourg through a convenient system of Naniko site.
Luxembourg City provides visitors with many historical monuments and places to visit, most interesting of which can be mentioned the Chemin De La Corniche, that means “most beautiful balcony of Europe”, from which opens the magnificent view of the city and Grand Ducal Palace. In fact, the other unique attraction is Casemates du Bock, which is a complex network of tunnels, used by the inhabitants as a refuge and defense during military conflicts. And, of course, you have to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and numerous museums, telling about the interesting historical landmarks of the country.

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Possibility of free cancellation or changing an order, we provide our clients, protect you from the risk of fines. If you decide to change the category of the car or the rental period, try to carry out this procedure no later than two days before the receipt of the vehicle.

We always strive to provide the most low and competitive rates, which will initially include taxes and insurance, respectively, later you do not have to worry about these issues. Of course, if you have the desire to buy an extra insurance package, our experts will offer you a variety of options.

Through our easily understandable booking engine, and with the help of user-friendly filters, you can quickly select all you need for your trip.

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In Luxembourg, you can enjoy not only the beautiful sceneries and clean atmosphere, but also get pleasure from the culinary traditions of the country. For example, in the typical restaurants of the capital offered the chance to enjoy a typical dish bunshlupp, which is a delicious bean soup with potatoes and bacon. Here is also one can try a truly real ales. When you have in disposition rent a car service, you can go to the Moselle region, and see many beautiful vineyards; here also produced the delicious white wines.

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