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Low tariffs for car rental in Malta provided by Naniko

To immerse yourself in the gorgeous colors and tastes of the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy the vacation on the beautiful beaches and swim in the amazingly clear water, a trip to Malta is the perfect choice. But not only that can offer this beautiful island, also as an abundance of monuments and interesting landmarks of its history. Malta, disposed just 80 km from the coast of Sicily, is really rich in its history and has available three attractions that are included in the World Heritage list.

Planning holidays in Malta is ideally suited for those who wish to immerse themselves in the nightlife entertainment, and for nature lovers and beach holiday, but also for those who are interested in cultural and educational excursions. In the capital of Malta, Valletta you can visit monuments such as the impressive Cathedral of San Giovanni, where you can see the tomb of the Knights, the Palace of the Grand Masters, where today is located the Parliament, and more. On the islands of Malta and Gozo are seven megalithic temples, and get from one island to another is possible by ferry in 30 minutes.
Using the services of car rental in Malta, you can easily move from one interesting place to another, to reach the stunning beaches like Anchor Bay, enjoy the crystal clear water and the rare beauty of Golden Bay.

Book your trip and rent a car in Malta with Naniko in order to enjoy your vacation in the best way!

The lease contract is always signed by the on-site of car reception and you need to take into account that the booking voucher is not a document that replaces the lease.

We offer you the possibility to book rent a car services with the most reliable on-line method, without the risk of fines, if necessary, change or cancel the order.

Using our booking engine, just in a few seconds you will be get available the whole list of the most lucrative offers from our company, among which with the help of user-friendly filters you can choose everything you need for your trip. Start with the filling out the application form, specifying the period and the desired direction.

In the range of our extensive fleet you will find the modern vehicles, equipped with all amenities. If you want to ride with the wind on the coast of Malta, you can rent a convertible sports car, in order to save more are effective our compact cars, also available the  elegant sedans, reliable SUVs, roomy minivans, and more.

Do not miss the sight of the range of available assistive devices that you can biik and pay for both on our website and in the local reception of car rent. When traveling with children protect them with special child seats.

Save more and travel with profit on car rent in Malta with the help of cheap fares from Naniko!

For any consultation and more information about our services you can always contact our trained operators or specialists.

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