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Rent a car in Minsk from
worldwide car rental company Naniko

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Car Rental Minsk Airport – Naniko rent a car

Hero-City Minsk is a modern center of the Belarusian political, economic, cultural and business activity. Minsk International Airport is open daily for thousand passengers from different countries. Airlines from Europe, Asia and the CIS countries cooperate with the Minsk airport for many years. Immediately upon arrival at the airport you can take a car on for rent.

The company “Naniko” provides service for rental cars on favorable terms, with full insurance, unlimited daily mileage, on-line support for our operator. The entire fleet of vehicles equipped with an alarm system, a package of insurance and other necessary options.

Services are provided throughout Belarus. Customers can rent a car for a period of 1-day upto 1-year.

  • Rental without driver. This type of rent is suitable for those who have to actively move around the city and beyond. Also, for those who have passed in the auto repair this type is a real salvation.
  • Rental of cars with the driver. This type of rental is suitable for those arriving in the city for business or personal goals and values ​​his time during a trip to a new country. Also, this type of hire is acceptable during the celebrations and business events (anniversaries, seminars, forums and conferences), for pick-up guests at the airport, etc
  • Wide range of cars. Our fleet provides rental cars from economy to premium class: the executive, middle-class or economy, in addition SUVs and mini-buses and transport for large groups.
  • Convenient location. Office of “Naniko” offers their cars at the airport rental as well as in the city. Make a reservation in advance on the internet and give you our agent will transfer chosen car to you immediately after arrival.

We offer the following extras for comfortable operation:

  • GPS navigation devices,
  • Baby safety seats,
  • Luggage basket

If any hitch related to serviceability of the machine, please contact the operator of our call-center, in the case of long-term vehicle repair, our team of technical assistance will urgently replace your car with other one.

You can return the car at the airport as well as in any other place convenient to you, by agreeing in advance this issue with our agent. Goodwill and openness of Minskers as well as many wonderful places and business opportunities are the prerequisites for visiting the city! Plan your trip stress-free, make use of our agents and enjoy the holidays in full!

Our company provides professional-level drivers who regularly pass pre-trip medical screening.

We are always happy to cooperate and support our customers throughout the life of the rental contract. If you prefer quality and reliability, please contact us directly by phone or at our office in Minsk, Belarus. Our prices are acceptable to the various levels of budget.

The prestigious and trusted car is already half of the success during business trip or traveling!