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Discover the opportunities for car rental in Monaco and Monte Carlo by Naniko

Located on 2.02 square kilometers, the Principality of Monaco is the smallest sovereign state in the world. The neighbors of the Principality are France and Italy, while the Monte Carlo may be achieved in the shortest time from anywhere in Europe. The nearby Nice airport is a strategic point for the beginning of the journey to this microscopic country that can pass without interference with the services of car rental in Monaco provided via website of Naniko at the best prices.

The first, that many would like to get when visiting Monte Carlo, is undoubtedly the casino, the construction of which was carried out by Charles Garnier ordered by Prince Charles III. This place has become popular for many players from all over the world. One can enter to the common hall with slot machines for free, but for the other halls certain amount. Another attraction is the Prince’s Palace called Palazzo Grimaldi and built on the site of an ancient fortress of Genoa. Naniko can provide the services for rent a car in Monaco, so you could explore this paradise of planet in complete freedom.

The best and cheapest deals for rent a car in Monaco are waiting for you on the most interesting conditions from Naniko!

In the range of our exclusive fleet you will be offered with a variety of categories of vehicles, among which a significant place takes our collection of luxury cars. In the capital of luxury and glamour, you can afford to ride on our luxury cars or on a sports convertibles.

Relying on our experience, you can be sure that we can meet your mobility needs at the highest level, taking into account the slightest your wishes.

Booking on our website feasible in a few simple steps and within minutes you will receive all the beneficial and affordable option for rent a car.

The presence of numerous offices throughout the Principality, also in neighboring countries allow you to combine the most interesting routes, and no matter how distant is your way, you get the benefit of unlimited mileage.

Regardless of whether you intend to take a car rent in Monte Carlo for business or leisure, our specialists will be able to offer the appropriate service packs, the range of additional services and assistive devices for total comfort and safety.

You get a wide variety of lucrative deals and seasonal discounts on car rent in Monaco by Naniko!

In addition to its famous casino, the Principality of Monaco is also famous for the magnificent gardens. Here, walking along the street, you can easily meet the world’s celebrities, roaming the streets or the beautiful beaches.

In order to experience the thrill and an unforgettable experience, you can ride through the streets on a sports or exotic car rent in Monte Carlo.

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