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Cheap and efficient car rental in Norway with Naniko

The most northern state of Europe is Norway, disposed at Cape Knivskkjellodden, from the viewpoint of latitude is superior of North Pole. Located in the western part of Scandinavia and crossed the Arctic Circle, Norway is often a place of natural phenomena of exceptional beauty, which include the Northern Lights in winter or midnight sun in summer.
If you have planned your trip to this fascinating country, take care about the convenience of movement in advance and choose a company Naniko, which offers the best deals on car rental in Norway. By providing variety and high quality of the vehicle fleet, also offering the consistent and optimal service at preferential prices, Naniko provides the best options for rent a car in Norway and able to meet the mobility needs of all its customers.
On board of your car, you can go in any direction, to explore the center of Oslo and other entertaining attractions. Many wish to visit places such as the amusement park of Tusenfryd, Vigeland Sculpture Park, enjoy the interesting exhibits in the Viking Ship Museum and the National Gallery. Fans of the natural environment, can visit the National Park of Dividalen, which is placed near the Swedish border, also the Arctic Botanical Garden, located in Tromsø.

Discover the natural and artistic beauty of the land with facilities of rent a car in Norway resulting from Naniko!

On our website you will see the tariffs provided with included VAT and compulsory insurance. It also provided unlimited mileage and free support in the event of unforeseen situations on the road.

Reservations can be made online through our website or by phone through the booking service. Whatever is the method of order, online or by phone, you will receive a voucher by e-mail confirming your booking, with the display of order details.
Our frequently updated fleet enables a huge selection of modern vehicles of different categories.
Although car rent period is always determined initially, you get the opportunity to extend it later. If for some reason you did not return the car at the appointed time, we must note that the rental contract will be automatically extended.

Visit the renown monuments and enjoy a trip on board of car rent in Norway at low rates from Naniko!

Norway also offers high-quality cuisine, consisting of seafood, venison and game. Norwegian cuisine is rich in strong flavors and aromas, and are usually combined with a sauce of sour cream. A typical Christmas dish is pinnekjøtt, consisting of smoked and salted lamb chops, served with potatoes and mashed swede. Rely on the professionalism and experience of Naniko and ensure yourself a comfortable ride on car rent.

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