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Car renting in Odessa. Tips for auto hire from Naniko

The southern city of Ukraine, Odessa, modern seaside town with wide streets and beautiful parks, from a long time was a main focus of major transport links, as well as a trading port. The city is very interesting from the tourist point of view, because of its rich cultural life and an abundance of art galleries, museums and even an astronomical observatory.

For your easy and convenient movement the international company Naniko will provide you with car rental in Odessa, offering a variety of service packages, with the advantageous tariff and discounts.

Using online reservation from Naniko on auto renting in Odessa, you get multitudinous benefits!

  • Guarantee of a huge selection of vehicles, wide variety of configurations and models, ranging from small to the most full-size and roomy cars.
  • The prices include unlimited mileage, car insurance and all taxes.
  • Confirm your reservation is done in real time, and you will get a voucher of reservation with detailed information of the vehicle and the exact time of reception and refund of the car.
  • Assistive devices, including navigator with detailed maps of the area, child seats for different ages, baggage basket for easy to transport your things and more.
  • When an emergency on the road is always available the roadside assistance 24 hours every day.
  • Special equipment for the season, also includes a safety chains, snow tires, ski holders.
  • Fast and efficient service when receiving the car and when return it, even with an indication of your desired address.

Best economy in your trip with the vehicle rented in Odessa by Naniko!

Odessa is a main center of the Crimea and the ancient city, with living there a large Jewish community. Today, the population here exceeds more than one million inhabitants, and with surrounding areas reaches more than two million. Located between the mouths of the rivers Dniester and Dnieper, right at the entrance to the Black Sea from the period when it was a Greek colony, had always played an important role of seaport.

In 1791 Odessa was annexed to Russia and began to more active development with the construction of the port and railway communications. Its location near the sea, led to the fact that for many years, Odessa has become a popular holiday resort.

The historic center of Odessa, with its spectacular views and neoclassical buildings is very pleasant to visit.

In the city there is theater, opera house in the style of the French rococo, Prince Gagarins palace with a delightful garden where you can enjoy a species of plants and a collection of sculptures.

At Kalinin Square toy can visit the famous Potemkin stairs, which has 192 steps and many more interesting things.

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