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General information about car rental at Paris-Ruassi airport of Charles de Gaulle by Naniko

The French capital, sparkling and shining with numerous lights never ceases to amaze its millions of visitors. Here, at every step is possible to discover the cultural and historical monuments and tirelessly enjoy symbolic buildings and places of interest of the nation, which include the Louvre and its modern pyramid, erected in front of him, Notre-Dame on the Ile de la Cité, the Sacre Coeur with view of Paris from the hill of Montmartre, the Eiffel tower and Champ de Mars, the majestic Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees. Paris can simply be compared to a open air museum, where the artistic and historical heritage, also the romantic atmosphere of the city at first sight make fall in love with it forever.

The most important airport not only in France, but also in Europe, is the international airport of Charles de Gaulle, placed 23 kilometers far from the city. There are three terminals, which are subdivided into a plurality of smaller terminals; they are all interconnected by free shuttle. You may order services of car rental at Paris airport through practical booking system via Naniko site and find the most competitive rates and a variety of vehicles. On the car in just half an hour you can to reach the famous Disneyland, or in an hour of drive get to Lille and Brussels.

Discover a delightful places with rent a car at Charles de Gaulle airport of Paris by Naniko and travel freely!

In our cars you can plan any near or far routes without any additional costs as you get unlimited mileage.

Duration of rent a car can be any, from one day, in the short or long term, available corporate and operational leasing for companies, one way rental and the other packages.

In addition, there are many benefits that contribute to the increase of the number of our satisfied customers:

Simple reservation system on-line.

Numerous rental points in France and in many countries around the world.

Always modern and equipped with all amenities cars of different categories and sizes, from small economical cars up to luxury.

The most competitive prices and the highest quality services, characterized by professionalism and courtesy of our staff.

Visit the web-page of Naniko to discover the best deals on car rent in Paris airport Charles de Gaulle!

With your car rent you can easily reach to such landmarks as the medieval city of Provins, disposed 90 km from the capital. But those who wish to enjoy the splendor of pre-revolutionary France, will visit the Palace of Versailles, which was originally conceived as a hunting lodge and later evolved into the splendid residence of the French court.

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