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Reykjavik, being the most northern of the world capitals, is located not far from the Arctic Circle, in the south-west of Iceland. The coastline of the city is dissected by deep bays and the highest mountain Esja of 914 meters high placed near the city.
This unique historic city, rich in a wide variety of places of interest, ranging from museums and ending with the markets and magnificent lakes, is necessary to look in a convenient and suitable for you way on auto rented in Reykjavik.
Thus, in a reasonably planned journey you will be able to visit the neighborhoods and relax exactly where and how you would like.

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  • Granted unlimited mileage bonus allows you to explore the innermost corners of the island.
  • The list of optional accessories for your choice from navigators of the latest models and to child safety seats for different weight and height.
  • Customer service is available around the clock.

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Reykjavik has a very cozy town center, around of which are spread the spacious and modern suburbs. This is a pretty expensive city, where in particular, fresh vegetables, fruits and alcoholic beverages have a high price.

The city’s population is about 170,000 inhabitants, which is almost half of the total population. Within the city, you can discover the wonderful geothermal pools used in medicinal purposes and for the recreation.

Having in your own the car hired in Reykjavik, you can freely visit the beautiful places around the city, and enjoy spectacular scenery of Blue Lagoon, accessible only 30 minutes drive from the capital. Here, the water is full of useful salts and mud to provide a wonderful relaxation.

Reykjavik is also called steam bay because of vapors emanating from the earth, which in the days of the Vikings and until now used to heat the city.
You cannot lose the sight of the Golden Circle tour, so named because of the magnificence of natural phenomena. Starrt from the lake Þingvallavatn can proceed to Thingvellir, with its famous national park and the oldest parliament in the world, and then to admire the golden waterfall Gullfoss and Geysir Strokkur. And to complete this route, you can make a great photo on the background of the crater Kerid and most beautiful frozen lake in the world.
Popular attractions in Iceland is a Snaefellsjokull glacier with the height of 1.446m accessible by auto renting from Reykjavik. According to popular belief, it is endowed with mystical powers, and became famous for the novel of Jules Verne – Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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