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Being the twelfth country in Europe by its territorial scope, Romania is also the largest country in South-Eastern part of the continent. The population is about 19 million people, and landscapes characterized by mountain ranges, plains and ecosystems. The country is crossed by rivers and tributaries that flow into the Black Sea. Over the last decades, Romania has become the largest investment destination in Central Europe, because it is the main crossroads of economic exchange in Europe. Across the country, there are 17 commercial airports. Romania annually visited by more than 20 million tourists and business people.

Naniko provides with opportunity to enjoy the services of car rental in Romania through the most reliable on-line method via its reservation system. We have representative offices in all major cities of the state.
Using the convenience of our system, you can quickly and without a long search get all that you need for your trip.

Choose the best time to visit the country with economical package of rent a car in Romania and the preferred options by Naniko!

Through our site you can order any category of vehicle that will suit the needs of your travel style. In our fleet we present modern models of cars, equipped with all amenities.

Due to the fact that we have our offices in many neighboring countries, you can make an international route crossing the borders of the country of rent. In this case, you must notify us of such intention in advance, so we will prepared for you a special written permission.
Your booking is confirmed within a few hours from the completion by the sending of voucher to your email address.
The total amount to be calculated from your selected package, the rental period and the car model. The method of payment you can choose for yourself at your discretion.

Discover all the advantages of car rent in Romania with Naniko, to learn more about the rich heritage of the country!

There are many resorts on the Romanian territory. Despite the cold weather in winter, with the rent a car service, you will be provided with reliable transportation during your trip to Romania. There is well-developed rural tourism, also popular is the variety of cultural tours. Tourists from all over the world want to visit the famous cities of Transylvania and see firsthand the legendary and mysterious castle of Dracula. The environment in cities is very similar to the medieval atmosphere thanks to the abundance of castles. In Romania, you can also see old churches, palaces, which include Peles Palace, also the natural attractions such as the Danube Delta, the various caves and much more. You should definitely enjoy also features of Romanian cuisine and local wines.

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